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Colorvis Playjoy WE-8100S

15 Aug 2012 | Viewed: 8655
■ មានច្រើនម៉ូត និងច្រើនម៉ូដែលសម្រាប់ជ្រើសរើស
■ Features:
Fully compatible with WIN2000/XP/7, USB interface, plug and play support USB2.0 protocol;
Support the ANALOG and DIGITAL of the two working mode, four-axis 12 keys with the target lens design to meet the players character design;
Support for function keysTURBO and AUTO mode;
Built-in dual-motor, 256 precision 3D joystick;
With a steering wheel, instrument design.
Single game supported: Need for Speed ​​Pro Evolution Soccer, The King of Fighters series, Dynasty Warriors, chemical and biological weapons, Metal Slug, Sanguozhanji;
Online games supported:bubble Kart Dungeon Warrior, QQ Speed​​, Grand Theft Auto, the network game .........

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