Royqueen X6 Upgrade (Out Of Stock)

04 Jan 2016 | Viewed: 10234
Product Features
1. Fashionable LED Display: Display tune/singer/lyrics, support 14 kinds of languages
2. Record Function: Support record function with one key
3. Support SD/U-DISK Music Play: MP3/WMA double decodes.
4. FM Stereo Radio: Support Auto search station, built in antenna for clear signal. Also you can record your favorite radio program easily
5. Memory play: Can remember the playing position of last time played
6. Alarm Clock & Timer Shutdown Function: the music could be set as the alarm ring and you can shut down the speaker at the exact time when you are sleeping
7. Card Reader Function: You can read and write the SD card when using the USB cable to connect the PC directly.
8. Support “Turbo Bass” technology: Super bass and clean treble.
9. Lithium Battery: convenient for replace lithium battery
10. Aux In: Compatible with laptop, desktop, MP3, MP4, mobile, PSP etc. via 3.5mm audio cable

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